For the mumma

This vlog got a little personal, and by personal, I mean emotional, and by emotional, I mean; I cried like the cliché female we all indulge in being sometimes.

It’s a super long vlog, because I got emotional and the original film was 25mins! So you’re welcome for me cutting it down 🙂 .


Anyway, self care is super important for all parents, especially us mummas and even more so for us single mummas.


Below is an article by Mum central about self care if you want some ideas


Take care of yourselves




I’m back!

Sorry I went MIA, but I’m now a qualified personal training and I’m back blogging and read to share some stuff with you all.


Love Sammy



P.S. I really gotta work on my video thumbnail game hahaha

PNF stretching

Because my last blog was about flexibility and I’ve been studying that particular subject today as part of my course, I wanted to talk about one of the most effective forms of stretching which is PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) Stretching.

This is something that generally requires a partner and your physiotherapist may have used this technique on you, however there are ways of doing certain stretches yourself using a wall or yoga strap if you use a little ingenuity, or google and watch some you tube videos. I’m not expert (not yet anyway) so here are a couple articles that explain further.

Flexibility tips

Just a quick Vlog about sneaky ways to improve your flexibility

Here are a few stretches you can do easily whilst you watch tv :

Worth taking the time to watch

So I talk to people a lot about my diet, the short of it is: I eat predominately paleo, high fat low carb. I’ll do a video blog soon on my dietary choices and why I make them but I really wanted to share this video. It’s quite lengthy so maybe do the washing up, or stretch or fold the washing while you’re watching. Actually it’s very long, so you could probably do all of that and a few other things.

I wanted to share it because I learnt something that I didn’t know, as well as it reinforcing me that I’ve made the right decision eating this way and raising my son to eat this way. It challenges what a lot of people think about “healthy eating”

I hope you get something out of it.

Sam x