My name is Sammy, I live in Sydney, Australia and I am a single Mum with gorgeous, crazy little boy, a qualified personal Trainer, and a yoga enthusiast with a obsession with all things fitness, health and wellbeing.
I created this blog to document my health and fitness journey as I try my best to eat clean and train hard on my tight budget and within the limits of my life as a single parent. I want to share
my tips and hacks for staying on track and hopefully inspire other people to improve their own health and wellbeing.
I started working out mostly from home, with a few different weight sets I’ve bought or borrowed, some cheap equipment and some weird uses for my furniture. I also have a gym membership, but the days I train there are limited as there is no childcare facilities.
Apart from lifting weights I also regularly practice yoga and hope to complete my yoga teacher training and be ready to teach by 2018.
I’ll be sharing my favourite resources, tips, tricks, failures and victories with you all.
Follow my Instagram to keep updated on what I’m up to, and like me on fb.

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